Beyond Geographical Limits: TSTL Joins ‘World Wide Wu Yi Fan’



A number of fansites have banded together last month and formed World Wide Wu Yi Fan, also known as Kris Fan Union. With the aim to make the world a smaller place for Kris fans all around the world, The Sky’s the Limit is the only international fansite in the union’s list, joins the move to help represent other parts of the world. 

WWW is a place where media sources centering Kris are pooled, and also encourages more communication between fans in their own mother language. With the union, many more upcoming projects of much larger scales can be expected! 

TSTL has been appointed as the prime representative for the rest of the world by the site. We are joining the most prominent fansites from China, South Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Chile, Indonesia and Singapore. With the union, TSTL will continue to extend its reach and continue providing support to both Kris and his fans –  this time, also sharing it with other fansites who carry the same dedication for Kris. 

Here’s to one world with TSTL, and the World Wide Wu Yi Fan!

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just a deduction about exo’s individual photo teasers.

so as you may have known, yixing and chanyeol’s teaser are different from others’, so far. many people told me that there’s a high chance for them to be the ‘main actor’. i guess it could be right.

all of the teasers that now have been released showing the members with their reflections, except yixing’s and chanyeol’s. i don’t know what will happen to the others left (jongdae, baekhyun, minseok, joonmyun) but i bet theirs will be the same as the others’.

yixing’s teaser is supposed to be like lu han’s, sehun’s and yifan’s, with white clothes and blue background while chanyeol’s is supposed to be like tao’s, kyungsoo’s and jongin’s, with dark concept. so, yixing might be the ‘angelic’ side and chanyeol might be the ‘devilish’ side. and to recall about their superpower: yixing’s is healing and chanyeol’s is fire… don’t you think they’re kinda related? one is to heal others while the other is to destroy?

about yixing and chanyeol being the center, idk but yixing’s was released on the third day and chanyeol’s on the fourth day. those days, to be exact, are the half of the photo teaser journey. coincidence? well, i’m yixing and chanyeol biased and i’m not ready yet to see my biases being the center i just caaaaaaaaannnnnnnn’tttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!

oh well i’m being random. i believe other exo fans have found out the rest.

my thoughts about KAI and LAY (and LU HAN?)



so, as you all know, i’m yixing biased. you can even see my DP “proud to be XINGMI”. i admire him for his dance, his dedication to music, his humbleness—you can say i admire him a lot. i just can’t mention one by one about what i like from him.

and what’s been disturbing me is about people…

Wow. I don’t really read rants much about jealous fans and why their bias deserves this or that, but I’m glad I read yours. You made a clear, to the point, and valid statement without allowing your judgement to be clouded. I’m seriously impressed by this. Kudos to you! I’m sure that if any of our Exo boys read this, Yixing, Jongin, and Luhan especially, that they’d be proud and pleasantly surprised as well! You defended all without attacking another!


thank you! yes i don’t want to praise one while looking down upon another, even attacking, because it’s unnecessary. loving our idol without any harm towards other idols will bring peace to the fandom right? :D

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i can’t stop myself from loving you

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my thoughts about KAI and LAY (and LU HAN?)

so, as you all know, i’m yixing biased. you can even see my DP “proud to be XINGMI”. i admire him for his dance, his dedication to music, his humbleness—you can say i admire him a lot. i just can’t mention one by one about what i like from him.

and what’s been disturbing me is about people comparing yixing and jongin. few people even badmouthing jongin for ‘stealing’ yixing’s spotlight, that it’s yixing who deserves the best spotlight in exo.

let me remind you that it’s also yixing’s choice to be in exo.

i admit i regretted why yixing joined SM when actually he could do better as zhang yixing, not EXO’s LAY. i mean, look, he was a child star. with that title, i knew he would be a bigger star in china rather than dealing with korean company to pursue his dream with a lot of efforts, even to sacrifice many things (including being far away from home, being minority etc)

but as you see, he had chosen his own path. he chose to come to korea.

yixing learned dancing for the first time when he became SM trainee, right? but jongin has been dancing ever since he was younger. he learns ballet, even. also, his training time was longer than yixing’s. sure yixing learned a lot, he learned fast, but jongin is another problem.

if you ask me whose dance i like better, i’ll say yixing because i’m more like his style when dancing. my friends even said to me when i dance my facial expression becomes so stiff and so into the performance. but i like jongin too, i’m just not his style.

in conclusion, jongin’s way dancing is different from yixing’s. and vice versa.

so, to address people’s jealousy towards jongin’s spotlight, this is my thought:

guys, jongin has learned dancing for longer time than yixing has, and his trainee days was longer than yixing’s. that’s why jongin becomes the lead dancer in EXO. you still have to thank SM (and ofc, God) for letting yixing become the lead dancer of EXO-M, or the second lead dancer in EXO entirely.

moreover, i can see yixing’s passion is actually music. his brothers in EXO even call him a music genius. maybe his guitar skill is still below kim jungmo’s, his piano skill is still below henry lau’s, but he still has a lot to learn and i believe he’s eager to learn more.

and about why it’s lu han who becomes the main vocal of EXO-M, i think it’s the best position for him. just let yixing become the second main vocal. he’s EXO-M’s lead dancer. how can he dance fiercely while singing? also, if yixing became the lead vocal along with jongdae, don’t you think he’s greedy? and, why is it lu han who joined maxstep younique something? it’s because his voice was needed too. and what about jongin? he was in charge in rapping too, and he’s the lead dancer of EXO.

also, i think maxstep doesn’t fit yixing’s style. in other hand, SM the Performance doesn’t suit lu han. at least these are what i’m thinking.

being a fan of someone who isn’t a visual or the lead vocal or the lead dancer when it’s ot12 is fun! why? because when he’s being the center, you will feel the triumph! hahaha :D but i personally don’t like it when yixing becomes the center when talking. but do you know how i felt when watching fancam of EXO performing black pearl in SMWeek? he was the center in the end of song right? I WAS REALLY GLAD! like OMGOMGOMG HE’S THE CENTER!!!1!11!!!1 that’s why visual isn’t my style lol i never liked visual, though. (((kyuhyun is NOT visual!!!)))

actually i dunno what i’m talking about but trust me, yixing stans’ jealousy towards jongin and lu han’s spotlight is unreasonable. just please, if you really like yixing, respect his choice. the problem is you, not yixing. yixing feels alright tho i believe? just don’t waste your time to throw jealousy towards jongin and lu han for stealing yixing’s spotlight because from the very beginning, jongin and lu han stole nothing from yixing.

and believe me, yixing will have his own spotlight sooner or later.



happy 2 years, LAY.

yixing, thank you for being EXO’s LAY.

let’s not break up :)

zhang yixing kindly reminding fans to wear red underwear for good fortune °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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yixing, do you know i often sing james blunt’s “you’re beautiful” to you?

i saw your face in a crowded place and i don’t know what to do…

cause i’ll never be with you.

…now it’s time to face the truth.

i will never be with you.

look, now you took photo(s) together with him lmao.